about Britta:

Britta Uschkamp was born on Halloween in the carnivalesque city of Köln/Cologne, Germany, to a Polish mom and a German dad.

In February 2007, after having completed postgraduate fashion studies in Paris (IFM) and a BA (Hons) Fashion in London (Middlesex University),

having worked for J.Maskrey, Darja Richter, Maria Lucas, Unrath&Strano, Julian Roberts,  polo’s for you, Russel Sage, J-C de Castelbajac, Coréle Lingerie, Givenchy. . .

. . . a very decisive visit to a French lingerie-factory and winning the 1st prize for her beachwear collection at Mittelmoda/Maredimoda, Britta decided that it was time to revolutionize the world as a ‘soft feminist activist’ and start off this project with the launch of her own lingerie-label. Add to this the publication of numerous erotic short stories – it all makes perfect sense!

She has designed princess-dresses for Disney France, styled actress Marina Hands for Harpers Bazaar Uk and created the lingerie-universe for the American feature film ‘When Harry Tries to Marry’.

In 2012 she started collaborating with NYC actress and playwright Lauren Logiudice, styling and co-producing ‘Garbo Dreams’. This multi-media project is inspired by Greta Garbo and comprises theatre, film and photography.

Britta lives, works and runs in Paris – but also loves Poland, Germany and the USA.

Alongside her collection she is developing a lingerie-design workshop. She dreams of creating a cutting-edge tv-drama series and of working more in the film-industry.


about the brand:

. . .enjoy your senses, dreams, phantasies. . .
. . .no more need for funny little pills, powders & co. . .

. . .works wonders as an alternative aphrodisiac. . .

Born in Paris, France, on Valentine’s day 2007, ‘britta uschkamp® – lingerie, design & phantasies. . .’ has opened the path to a new female identity, offering luxurious lingerie for the modern day ‘anti-pin-up’: she is soft, strong, feminine, masculine, sensitive, confident, comfortable and honest. When she picks out lingerie it’s first of all to please herself, explore her dreams and creativity.


Signature trademarks are innovative, fluid shapes, a unique approach to pattern-cutting, hand-made crochet-work & embroidery, thoughtful finishes and the use of French silks and exquisite laces, soft, gentle fabrics. A clever use of semiologic narrative and themes characterizes each collection-structure.

Humour and playfulness can be found in the interactive use of ribbons and scarves. All concepts and designs are created exclusively by Britta Uschkamp. To ensure the extremely high quality of the collection, prototyping and production happens in France and in Poland . Most sourcing takes place in France, especially for the sumptuous silks and Leavers laces.

The very first design was the string ‘multi’. It embodies the essence of the brand and is still a best-seller. It consists of a string and a 3,40mts long ribbon. The ribbon can be tied in unlimited variations and the ribbon-colour can be changed.

Retail prices for a basic lingerie-set are 140,- € TTC, more elaborate sets in silk/lace start at 240,- €, nightwear starts from 265,- € TTC, more elaborate show-pieces from are available on request. The collection can be ordered bi-annually at Modecity and the Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris. 

‘britta uschkamp® – lingerie, design & phantasies. . .’ lingerie is created with lots of love and sensuality to fill your life with an extra portion of pleasure and happiness – enjoy!