autumn/winter 2010: ‘punkrocking philosophy’ on the road. . .

punkrocking symphony aw2010
punkrocking symphony aw2010

Welcome to the rock ‘n’ rolling lingerie-tour this season! In keeping with the new collection’s philosophy, Britta will be visiting some of the most interesting cities in the US and Europe, presenting the new pieces to buyers, press and engaging in spontaneous photo-shoots along the way. (more dates tbc for March)

18.-22.02.  BERLIN

23.-28.02.  PARIS

30.02.  KÖLN

01.02.  NYC

02.-03.02.  NIAGARA FALLS, ON

04.-05.02. TORONTO, ON

06-09.02.  VANCOUVER, BC

10.02.  SEATTLE, WA

11.-12.02. PORTLAND, OR

13.-16.02.  LAS VEGAS, NV

17.-21.02.  LOS ANGELES. CA

22.-25.02.  NYC


02.03.  KÖLN

03.-11.03.  PARIS

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